You Americans Are Unbelieveable

This was one of the sarcastic and anti-American replies I received last night in response to my tweet expressing my disappointment with the Amanda Knox verdict.  Thanks to the miracle of social media, I can now subject myself to world-wide ridicule in real-time.  During my last international incident, I had to wait for the mail to run.

In spite of what I hear on the news about how hated Americans are thanks to George W., I admit I underestimated the depth of  the resentment.


I have to admit that the insinuation insults me.  What country she is from has no place in deciding her guilt nor her innocence.  I also find it irritating that “American” and “America” are used to reference the U.S.A. and its citizens.  America is a continent, not a country.  We should change that.

I may not be from Italy, but yes, I have followed this case from the beginning.  Yes, I do consider that our media may be slanting it in a particular direction.  Whose doesn’t?  Come on people, are we all so well programmed that we shout “How high?” every time our government tells us to jump?  I expected more free thinkers among you.  Joke’s on me.

Of course I feel horrible for Meredith and her family.  I can’t imagine their pain. 

Isn’t it enough that the man who admitted being present at the time and whose DNA was in all the wrong places has been caught and convicted? Does the world really hate Americans enough to make scapegoats of Amanda and her boyfriend?  Looks that way.  Sounded that way on Trending Topics last night.

It is not my intention to rehash the particulars of this case.  My point is we are all just one incident away from an unjust conviction, no matter where we live.  It happens here all the time.  Does it happen where you live?  Do you care or is it all about the lurid headlines promising tales of sex, Satanism and murder?  Is it some misplaced sense of patriotism?

When it happens to you or someone you love you’ll care.

Look, I respect your right to express your opinions.  I respect your right to disagree with mine.  I don’t respect personal attacks, but such is the world we live in.  I can take it.  Just remember there are real people behind the sensational headlines and there but for the grace of God go all of us.


~ by loretta8 on December 5, 2009.

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