A New Tech Addiction?

Ah, technology, what did we do without you?  Remember the days when phoning before 9am and after 9pm were the height of bad manners and the TV was always off during meals?  Me neither.

Yes, this could well turn into a tirade but that’s not my intent.  You see, I had an interesting week at work…

Usually I’m in the office but since the new software upgrade, things happen at point of sale, or more accurately, don’t.  That’s when I get called to push all the buttons and call all the numbers only I know about while an impatient customer drums his or her nails on the counter and takes call after call after call. 

 It was that kind of week, but one customer really got to me, a big fish in a small pond who is always on the phone for nearly the whole transaction.  She acted as if  I were interrupting her and updated the other party on how long the transaction was taking while sighing, eye rolling and nail drumming.

You can guess what I wanted to do with that phone.  Come on, nobody in this town is that important, but they are that rude.  When they’re not talking on their phones or into their Bluetooth headsets like crazy people hearing voices, they’re texting.

 Personally, I find texting excruciating and this week I received my first wrong number text from somebody named Kyle who said yo a lot and had apparently just scored some weed.

Okay, so it was a week of phone-tards, but this morning I heard something at work I hadn’t considered. 

Ours is the kind of business where a handful of regulars hang out in the office and solve the world’s problems.  Today the topic was, I Don’t Get Out Much.  The gentleman in question made a shocking confession.  He’s addicted to watching his business’s security camera feeds, so much so that in the evening, his wife retires to her room to watch TV and he retires to his to watch his store front and parking lot till the wee small hours.  He seemed most concerned that they don’t go out to eat anymore.  I was most concerned that they have separate rooms!

Security cameras are a good thing.  We have them and my dad-in-law seems to spend at least some time after hours trying to figure out where the watchdog is.  The stupid vicious waste of kibble is also an escape artist, but that’s another story. 

Now I am left to wonder how widespread this security camera addiction is and what could possibly be next?  I would continue but my husband has already gone to bed and if I don’t show some interest he may change all my passwords.


~ by loretta8 on July 16, 2010.

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