Oh Mickey Not So Fine

Mickey Finn: (n) Slang  An alcoholic beverage altered to induce diarrhea or stupefy, render unconscious or otherwise incapacitate the person who drinks it.  http://answers.com/topic/mickey-finn

Quick question: How many of you have been stricken with diarrhea after a night of revelry at a popular Block Island night spot?  Leave me a comment if you have because I have.  Twice. 

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I love Block Island.  It’s magical.  My husband and I have been vacationing there since 1999 and plan to continue.  The food is great, the atmosphere rocks and 99.9% of the people we’ve met have been wonderful.  It’s not my intention to make accusations.  I’m just a little worried.

Here’s where I out myself as a party animal, but it’s for a good cause.  In my, ahem, 39 1/2 years on Earth, (Why’ya lookin’ at me like that… it’s my story and I’m sticking to it) I’ve probably had more hangovers than all the wait-staff at that club have had birthdays, and there’ve been some real doozies.  The worst one was in 1999 at The Water’s Edge Resort after a family reunion.  Bombay Sapphire martini binge.  I still can’t even bear to look at the bottle.  I alternately threw up and drank water and ginger ale for about 14 hours the next day. 

My point is, I know all too well what constitutes a hangover, and what doesn’t.

Last year, my husband and I went to said night spot to enjoy a live band.  They were fantastic.  We had a blast.  I don’t know how many Manhattans I’d had.  I do know I’ve gone to bed more inebriated than I was that night and suffered no ill effects. 

The next morning, I woke up dizzy with severe abdominal cramps and light-headedness so bad I had to fight not to pass out.  I had violent diarrhea for about 4 hours and a horrible headache for the rest of the day. No nausea, no vomiting, but it was evening before I was able to force myself to eat anything.  Thank God for water and Gatorade.

Okay, so maybe I’d overdone it, I thought, but I’d never had symptoms like those before.  It could have been the cream filled pastry I’d had after supper that night.  I chalked it up to food poisoning, since my husband, who had at least as much to drink as I had, minus the pastry, was fine with the exception of cotton mouth and slight head-ache.

This year I decided to try again and take it easy this time.  I skipped the pastry and we went back to said night spot.  Over the course of three hours I had 1 1/2 drinks, scotch straight up.  My husband had 2 1/2 of the same that 1/2 being half of mine.  We would have had one drink more.  He bought the last round at the end of the evening but neither of us felt like more than a couple of sips.  I was sober and well hydrated when I went to bed. 

The next morning I suffered 4 hours of diarrhea; no other symptoms.  It wasn’t violent, more like relentless but by the end of it all I felt as if I’d sanded my ass and applied turpentine.  My husband, who had drunk 1/2 of one of my drinks, was a little queasy and had muscle cramps that could not be attributed to any recent physical activity. 

The first time it happened, I have to admit I’d left my drink unattended.  This last time, the only other person to touch my drink beside myself and my husband had been the bartender.

Coincidence or malice?  I can’t be certain, but given the general demeanor of the staff and the circumstances, I have to wonder.  My main concern is for you club patrons out for a night of vacation fun somewhere that you are not a regular.  Not only should you never leave your drink unattended, it may be wise to only order beverages in unopened bottles or cans and forego the glass and the ice.

To all you bartenders out there, the vast majority of you are amazing people.  We appreciate you. 

To the very few bad apples in the barrel, if you are indeed mixing Mickey Finn’s for whatever reason, it might be worth considering that your next victim may be there to obtain a sample for testing.


~ by loretta8 on April 2, 2011.

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