Nightmare at SLT

Dreampt I got called to the theatre to help as running crew for the current production that was already running.  I asked which one it was.

“Don’t worry, you’ve done it before.  It’ll be a piece of cake,”  said the director.

I agreed to help and showed up.   The play was a musical extravaganza with a Victorian setting.  The cast was huge and I didn’t know any of them.  The green room was packed and people were milling around out back.  The women wore long gowns in pastel colors with matching frilly hats and parasols.  All the men were wearing red and white striped jackets and those flat topped straw hats that barber shop quartets favor.

“What play is this?”  I asked.

“Larkin,”  said everyone.

“Larkin?  I’ve never heard of Larkin, ” I said.

“You’ve never heard of Larkin?”  Everyone laughed.

“She’s never heard of Larkin?”

“Oh my God!  She’s never heard of Larkin!”

“Where has she been?  Under a rock?”  More laughter, whispering, derisive glances.

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  I took my place backstage in the dark to wait for Act 1 to begin.

After Scene 1, I went on to move set and was exiting up left when the lights came up and a crowd of dancing, singing actors came surging on, driving me backward onto the stage.  I tried to exit up right and the same thing happened there.  I was trapped on the stage with the cast singing, dancing, shoving me around giving me evil looks.

I tried to hide behind a piece of set, a grassy hill with a big rock and some flowers.  As soon as I crouched behind it, it rolled off stage.  The dancing crowd parted and there I was in my blacks all by myself.  Everyone was staring at me so I started dancing too, trying to move off stage but every time I tried, more actors came on and shoved me back center.  I thought the scene would never end.

Finally, the lights went down and I exited, mortified.

Everyone in the greenroom was furious with me, calling me names and demanding to know what the hell I thought I was doing out there.

The director stomped in, all red in face and pointed a trembling finger at me.  “You’ll never work in this town again!”  he shouted.

I ran out the greenroom door into the parking lot to discover the aftermath of a terrible storm, during which my car had apparently been crushed like a piece of tinfoil.  My husband was out there, mad as hell, trying to straighten it out.

Then mercifully, I woke up all numb, tingly and out of breath, gasping,  “It was just a dream, thank God it was just a dream!”


~ by loretta8 on August 5, 2011.

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