A Coke and a Smile

Dreampt I stopped at a store in the middle of nowhere for a six-pack of Coke on my way to a party.

“All out, ” said the clerk, though I could clearly see a stack on a high shelf behind him.

“What about that?” I pointed at the stack.

“Them are just cans fer display. Ain’t nothin’ in ’em.”

“‘Does anything in here have something in it?”

“Not fer you. Now go on, git outta here.”

In the next town, I saw a girl on the street with a bottle of Coke so I stopped and asked her where I could get some and told her what happened at the last place.

“There’s a store right around the corner, but they don’t sell to just anyone either. Go to the counter and tell the lady with the big hair that you’re my cousin, Mr. Sower’s lady-friend from Kansas City.”

“Okay, thanks, ” I answered. “What did you say your name was?”

That’s when the girl passed out, fell down, turned into a picture on a sheet of paper and blew away. I never did get get my six-pack of Coke. Just as well. I really prefer Pepsi, I don’t know Mr. Sower and I’ve never been to Kansas City.


~ by loretta8 on December 10, 2011.

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