Visitors in the Night

I woke last night to two, maybe three apparitions in my bedroom. They appeared as swirling mists, one very dark, one grey and the other, if it was another, obscured the open doorway to the living-room with a brownish haze.

This sort of thing is nothing new to me. It’s been happening now and then since I was a child. I know these things/people can’t hurt me. Nothing evil is welcome in my home or allowed to approach me. I know without a single second of doubt that God protects me and that I see what I do because I’m supposed to. Even with that knowledge, intellectually and spiritually, there is an undeniable physical reaction to such presences that is very akin to dread. Even the Bible relates the terror of individuals who encounter angels. Such was my feeling last night.

These creatures, be they human or not, I could not tell nor recognize them, were insistent in their effort to communicate something to me. I was tired and I hate to admit that I was afraid.  My life has been particularly stressfull of late.  Someone very dear to me is ill right now.  I could not shake the feeling that what they wanted to tell me was something I did not want to hear.

I tried to ignore them, but when I told them to go away and shut my eyes, I could hear voices and feel them touching me until would I open my eyes again and see them still there. They persisted for an uncomfortably long time during which I asked God to make them go away. They finally did and I could see the doorway once more and no swirling mists beside my bed.  I slept then, deeply and without dreams.


~ by loretta8 on March 27, 2012.

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