10 Things I Learned At OCTAFest

1.  I take my crazy-talented friends for granted.  They really are amazing and I love them.

2.  I’m still wound way too tight and there’s not enough booze on Earth to fix that.

3.  Feeling like I’m going to hyperventilate doesn’t necessarily mean I will.

4.  I’m too emotionally invested in my projects to see them objectively.  (What I really mean is, I hate criticism.  I freaking hate it!)

5.  I need to spend more time wanting what I’ve got.

6.  I’m insanely competitive, I hate to lose and it brings out the worst in me.

7.  It still helps to sleep with the judges.  (Refer to #6)

8.  I kinda maybe want to be a star a little bit.  (Okay, I do.)

9.  The middle-aged single people at events are creepy. 

10. You can’t expect everyone to share your creative vision and it’s okay if they don’t.  (Refer to #7)


~ by loretta8 on July 16, 2012.

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