A Love Note to Our Veterans

When I was under the age of five, my father was in the Air Force.  He narrowly missed going to Vietnam before his tour was up.  I know he was conflicted; I’m glad he didn’t re-enlist.  He might not have been around for my life to the present.

I remember being on base one day.  A plane load of troops coming home from Vietnam had landed.  I don’t know why we were there, but there was a crowd on the tarmac some distance away waiting and when the doors opened and those men in uniform came down the stairs waving, the crowd and I were overcome with joy and waved back.

“What are you doing?”  my mother snapped, snatching my hand down.  “You don’t know any of them.”

I was crushed.  I felt like I did know them.  I’d seen them on the news every night of my young life.  I heard the daily death toll and it frightened me.  I was unaware of the political climate and later came to realize that our troops coming back from Vietnam did not receive the hero’s welcome they deserved.

I’m sorry and I’m so glad you’re home.

To all of you who are serving and have served in other places, whether you’re home yet or not, I have been and will be jumping up and down and waving at you from a special place in my heart and God bless the military families who have worried for and or lost their loved ones.  I cannot grasp the depth of your sacrifice.  You are all heroes too. Happy Veterans Day, you amazing wonderful people.


~ by loretta8 on November 11, 2013.

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