The Dreamlife

Sunday night, 12/22, I had a weird dream.

“So, what else is new?”  you ask.

Well, let me tell you. I dreampt Mark and I flew to Sydney, Australia.  When we landed we couldn’t catch the shuttle without cash.  All we had were credit cards so a woman gave me $5.00.  I asked for her name and address so I could repay her.  She said her name was Lisa Mellis, and gave me an address in Melbourne, which I can’t remember now.  Anyway, I remember being lost in Australia, trying to keep Mark from getting bitten by poisonous creatures and our hotel being quarantined for Ebola or something equally bloody and ridiculous.

Monday morning, I told Mark and my friend at work and we laughed it off. I Googled the woman’s name and the only result was a portrait artist in New Zealand who does commissioned paintings of pets. That’s cool.  I should send her $5.00.

This evening, I decided to check my Facebook messages.  There was one in the box marked “Other” from an employee of a company in, say it with me, Australia.  Melbourne, to be exact.  Over the summer I had written a review of a cosmetic product by that company and posted it on their website.  They say want to use a quote from it. I just gave them permission.  The message was written, say it with me, Sunday night, while I was sleeping.


~ by loretta8 on December 24, 2013.

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