Night Moths

Last night I was dreaming that birds were whistling lovely melodies in the dark and owls were answering them from far away.  In my dream I got up and went to the window and could see pale creatures in the air and in the trees.  I opened the window and several flew in and perched on me.  They were sparrow sized, white and fuzzy with antennae, bird like wings and long purple tail feathers.

“What are they?”  I asked Mark.

“Oh those are night moths,” he said.  “You can keep them. They make good pets.”

Mark knows everything about the nocturnal creatures in my dreams.  The name of this blog comes from one of them.  I dreampt I’d seen hundreds of pairs of eyes when the headlights of my car swept across the lawn one night. “Those are mega toads,” he informed  me from the passenger seat.  “They’re everywhere.”

“I won’t keep the night moths in the house,”  I told him.  “They can live outside and visit me whenever they want.”

“That’s a good idea,” he said.

Then they flew away and I went to the grocery store for guava juice, like that made sense or something.  I hope they come back.


~ by loretta8 on December 30, 2013.

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