About Last Night…


Same nightmare over and over all night long, the kind that makes you wake up shaking.  All I can remember was a train coming toward me out of the dark.  It was made of bones and blood with a gaping maw of fangs and huge spot light eyes.  It looked like a dead skinless animal that was part machine.


Beat the Boogie Man to death with a cast iron skillet.  He had it coming. 

I was a ghost in my grandparent’s house.  My memories of what used to be were superimposed over what is there now and none of the people there could see me.  I miss my grandparents. 


Spent the night yelling at people and woke up angry.  What’s up with that?  Can’t remember much about most of it, but there was one I do.

I discovered my house was infested with baby Tokay Geckos and curly-haired poodle rats.  ???  I was trying to catch them when I heard a strange noise outside.  I went to the window and saw the street was flooded and someone was stealing my dad-in-law’s boat.  It was going way too fast, and crashed into the side of my house.  Went out to look at the damage.  The boat was totaled and there were two really drunk guys staggering around in the wreckage. 

Of course, I yelled at them.

I went back into the house to tell my husband, who was concerned they may have hit the gas meter and said I should call the gas company.  I took my phone out of my pocket and went back outside.  The street was completely dry and there were now two different guys lying in lawn chairs and drinking beer in the front yard, surrounded by furniture they were trying to sell. 

So, I yelled at them.

They yelled at me and before I knew it they were trying to kick my ass so I tried to call the police but somehow managed to speed dial the local Italian restaurant that I get take-out from every weekend.  I thought they were the police and told them the whole story.  A few minutes later the whole staff arrived with various kitchen implements and drove the furniture-selling intruders away. 

I thanked them.  No yelling this time.

They said I was their best customer and it was the least they could do and wanted to know about the wrecked boat sticking out of the side of the house. 

I tried to explain.

They wished me luck and left.

I went into the house to tell my husband what had happened and found it full of people I’d never seen before watching TV with him.  Every time  I tried to tell my story, one or more of them would interrupt and change the subject.  My husband said they were trying to watch America’s Next Top Model and that I should wait until it was over.

And then I yelled at him.  : P


I was in a huge room full of people and things, many of them from my past.  There was furniture I recognized from dead relatives’ houses, and a section of shelves devoted to all the term papers I’d ever written.  I had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and when I moved to the back of the room, the edges of the room started to rotate around the center, faster and faster like a carnival ride.  Then this rotating circle carrying me and many other people whom I did not know moved slowly through the center of the room and all the people there as if we were made of smoke and carried us up and away.


Funny how my nightmares often seem so terrifying at the time and then so ridiculous when I try to explain them.  I did have a really wild one some years back about my husband trying to eat his own brain.  I’ll get to that next time.

Last night I was at a nice campground at a park.  There was a cafeteria, shower and laundry facilities and the park had a lake and a cave.  I was in line at the cafeteria and the guy behind me grabbed me.  A struggle ensued, the police were called and he picked up his pack and left, but everywhere I went that day, I would see his pack lying somewhere nearby.  He stalked me all day and night and then on my way home, I stopped somewhere, for whatever reason and he caught up with me, chasing through a large, deserted office building and onto the roof where I pushed him to his death.

I also have been dreaming of my dead grandmother; being at her house and feeling that she is trying to tell me something, though she never says a word.


I dream most frequently of missing my flight, trying to drive my car from the back seat and of giant waves trying to snatch me off the beach, but lately, I’ve been dreaming of alligators.

Found myself walking through a crowded office struggling to carry a thrashing five foot alligator.  Nobody noticed!

Later that night, I was having an argument at the theater with a certain director while holding a plastic tub full of two-inch alligators.  Once again, nobody noticed.


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